FAQ: Kids on Bikes RPG - Strange Adventures in Small Towns
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What is the playable age range based on complexity and subject matter?

Well, that can be a complex question. Generally speaking this is about a 8-12 year old level complexity (which could be scaled down ESPECIALLY during character creation) the mechanics are essentially single die. There isn't any real 'scary' images in the book that would constitute an 'R' rating for kids. Some guns (not in use), but if Mike/Dustin/Lucas/Will can get away with it. You can!

Last updated: November 14, 2017 23:32

About how long is a Module to play?

Don't think of them as adventures in other RPGs, think of them more as quick settings you can come up with an adventure in. They are designed to help launch you into the action quicker and give you a feel for the location, mysteries, people, and places in the setting.

Last updated: November 24, 2017 00:35

Will the PDF get the Stretch Goal Modules?

Yes, the PDF version comes with the Unlocked Modules.

Last updated: November 24, 2017 00:35

Can we get additional copies beyond what is in the pledges, and should I add money now?

In the Pledge Manager, you'll be able to purchase additional copies!

As for adding money now, that is up to you! If you want to help us hit some more Stretch Goals, you could add the money in now - but if you'd rather hold off for the Pledge Manager, that's up to you!

Last updated: November 24, 2017 00:35

How do I give money for Add-ons that get unlocked?

You can manually increase your pledge now to accommodate the costs of Add-ons and help us get more in to unlock additional Stretch Goals. If you don't want to use that option you can wait until after the Campaign and use our Pledge Manager to pickup Add-ons that way, but this will not count towards unlocking Stretch Goals on the Campaign.

Last updated: November 20, 2017 18:29

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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